Luca Steam is 22 years old and lives in Winterthur, Switzerland. He is a passionate DJ and Producer and stands behind the decks for over 10 years now and played at many events. For example at Salzhaus in Winterthur at the closing of the Electric Station party series together with DeHofnar and Max Manie. In Zurich at Komplex457 with SickIndividuals and Julian Calor. Or at events of the MAINSTAGE party series and many more. It didn’t take long before he started to produce his own tracks and mashups and set up a small studio at home. The SteamHQ. He feels home in many genres of electronic dance music for example deep & bass house, techno and future & progressive house. Because of his good sense for the rhythm and his passion for music, he always knows which song he has to play at any given moment to impress his audience.